i just following step to step way to starting a blog . I suppose to share an answer about several question. So here we go.

who am I?

i am a countrygirl from countryside. I rather stay home and do my own thing. Selfish isn’t it? well.. that’s me . I am easily bored with something, but also i am quick to excite to the other thing.

What am i  going to write?

I try to make several blogs already but no one works . I just excited firstly and make them from blogger, google blog, wordpress, tumblr, live journal . But i rarely open it and at last just name it “dissapear”. huuuuuftttt….. i hate that part of me. So i want to do right things here to keep posted. I don’t really necessary want a lot of follower but i want learn to write about what happens and what i learned.

What will be the content of this blog?

To be honest, i am not sure about what will be i put in this blog. I like inspirational quote and stories maybe that’s will be a part of this blog. Art too. I like to be creative (when i conquer my laziness, i am creative #i think ). And maybe several of my study. I studies in computer science especially computation and networking. Hope we can learn together.



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