Ramayana Plot Full Story

On Saturday Night, June 13rd 2015 , I have family gathering to see Ramayana Balet. This is exciting experience to me because i like traditional dancing and this is my first time seeing Ramayana show 🙂 .I have a brochure that tells Ramayana full story plot and i want to write it down here as my reminder 😉 Here we go



Prabu Janaka, the king of Mantili Kingdum, has very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. A competition is conducted in order to decide who will be the right person to marry Dewi Shinta. The prince of Ayodya Kingdom, R Rama wijaya, at last wins the competition.

Prabu Rahwana, the ruler of Alengkadiraja Kingdom, is eager to marry Dewi Widowati. After knowing Shinta, she assumes that Dewi Shinta is the incarnation of Dewi Widowati whom he is wanting for long time.


Rama Wijaya, the prince of Ayodya Kingdom along with his wife Shinta accompanied by his younger brother Laksamana is adventuring until they arrive in Dandaka Forest. Meeting Shinta in the place, Rahwana become eager to possess her . IN order to realize his idea, Rahwana orders one of his followers named Marica to change himself into a golden deer called Kijang Kencana.so as to attract Shinta. Being interested in the beauty of the deer, Shinta asks Rama to capture the deer for her. Rama leaves Shinta and starts hunting the deer.

After waiting for a long time, Shinta become nervous as Rama has not arrived yet. She asks Laksmana to look for Rama. Before leaving Shinta alone, Laksamana draws magic circle on the groun so as to protect her form any possible danger.

As soon as Rahwana notice that Shinta has been left alone, Rahwana tries to kidnap Shinta but he falls beacause of the magic circle. Then he changes to be an old beggar. As soon as Shinta gets out from the magic circle to give aims to the beggar, he takes her and flies with her to Alengka Kingdom.


Rama shoots with his magic arrow, but hte deer transform into giant (Marica). A war breaks between Rama and Marica. Rama shoot Marica with his arrow. Later on Laksamana arrives and requests Rama to go back to Shinta’s place.


On the way to Alengka, Rahwana meets a bird named Jatayu. After noticing that Shinta is the princess of Prabu Janaka, Jatayu attacks Rahwana in order to free Shinta but he is defeated by Rahwana.

After finding out that Shinta is not in her previous place, Rama and Laksmana decide to search for Shinta. Later on they meet seriously wounded Jatayu. Rama thinks it must be Jatayu who has kidnapped Shinta. Rama decided to kill him but Laksamana prevents him to do so. Jatayu explaines what has happened to him and then he dies.

A moment later, a white monkey named Hanoman arrives. He is delegated by his uncle Sugriwa to look for two heroes who can kill Subali. Subali is a sacred man and has taken Dewi Tara. Sugriwa’s beloved woman, by force, Rama decides to help Sugriwa.

When Subali, Dewi Tara and his son are chatting,, Sugriwa arrives. With the help of Rama, Sugriwa attacks him. Subali is defeated by Sugriwa and he takes Dewi Tara with him again. Sugriwa decides to help Rama to look for Shinta. For this purpose, Hanuman is sent as envoy to Alengka Kingdom.


Rahwana’s niece, Trijata is comforting Shinta in the garden. Rahwana arrives and asks shinta’s willingness to be his wife. Shinta refuses to do so. This make Rahwana angry and wants to kill her but Trijata prevent and said that he should be patient and Trijata promises to look after Shinta. It was when Shinta very sad that suddenly she starts to hear a beautiful songs which sung by Hanoman, the white monkey. Hanuman tells his purpose to help her, and this duty is ordered by Rama. As soon as he explains the purpose, Hanuman starts to find out the total power of Alengka army. Then he destroys the garden. Indrajit, Rahwna’s son, captures him. Kumbakarna tries prevent this, but he is thrown out of the kingdom. Hanuman is sentenced to be burnt alive. Hanuman with fire around his body burnt Alengka palace.


After delegating Hanuman, Rama and his ape troops go to sea and make a bridge for running to Alengka. When bridge is finished, Hanuman comes and reports about the Alengka’s situation and its troops power. Receiving the reports, Rama is very happy and commands Hanuman, Hanggada, Hanila and Jembawa to lead the troops to attck Alengka.


When the giant troops of Alengka are on their guard at their country boundary, they are suddenly attacked by the ape troops. Therefore a big war occurs between them. In this war, Indrajit is killed by Laksmana. Kumbakarna, the younger brother of Rahwana died as patriotic hero. After the death of Kumbakarna. Rahwana finally become the commander of the Alengka troops to face Rama. In this war, Rahwana is killed by Rama’s arrow and Hanuman drops the Mount Sumawana on Rahwana.


After the death of Rahwana, Shinta accompanied by Hanuman, meets Rama. Rama refused to accept her as he considers Shinta is not pure anymore. In order to prove her purity, Shinta burn herself. With the help of God of Fire, Shinta is saved from the fire. Her proof makes Rama happy and finally accepts Shinta.



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