The Toddler’s Guide to Doing a PhD

true 🙂

The Thesis Whisperer

This post was written by Jonathan Downie, a PhD student, conference interpreter, public speaker and translator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He co-edits LifeinLINCS the unofficial blog of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University. He is married with two children. His newest blog Rock Your Talk aims to help people keep on improving in their public speaking.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 4.33.13 PMThe last time I posted, I mentioned in passing that I am the proud dad of a toddler (and, by the time this goes out, a new baby too!). As any parent will tell you, you learn as much from your children as they learn from you.

It just so happens that in the past few months my son has taught me a lot about doing a PhD.

He is exploring the world and learning to walk. I just wish I had learned it all sooner! Here is my shortlist…

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i just following step to step way to starting a blog . I suppose to share an answer about several question. So here we go.

who am I?

i am a countrygirl from countryside. I rather stay home and do my own thing. Selfish isn’t it? well.. that’s me . I am easily bored with something, but also i am quick to excite to the other thing.

What am i  going to write?

I try to make several blogs already but no one works . I just excited firstly and make them from blogger, google blog, wordpress, tumblr, live journal . But i rarely open it and at last just name it “dissapear”. huuuuuftttt….. i hate that part of me. So i want to do right things here to keep posted. I don’t really necessary want a lot of follower but i want learn to write about what happens and what i learned.

What will be the content of this blog?

To be honest, i am not sure about what will be i put in this blog. I like inspirational quote and stories maybe that’s will be a part of this blog. Art too. I like to be creative (when i conquer my laziness, i am creative #i think ). And maybe several of my study. I studies in computer science especially computation and networking. Hope we can learn together.


The Magical You ^.^v

“I got the magic in me
Every time I touch that track
It turns into gold
Everybody knows

I’ve got the magic in me
When I hit the flow the girls come
Snappin’ at me
Now everybody wants some presto

Magic, magic, magic
Magic, magic, magic
Magic, magic, magic
I got the magic in me”

That’s a part of lyric from B.o.B “Magic”

I know rhat song when it played in “Pitch Perfect” film.

I think the meaning is awesome.


it remind me of my lazyness somehow .

sometimes when some task came around, i just sitting around doing nothing just playing games and hope that the task wiil finished magically. But it doesn’t . We have to do our own magic by DOING it .that way, our work will done.

We are humans, we have body that consist a lot of parts.

We have two hands that we can use to hold to write , to eat , to type , to give direction to people

We have a pair of leg that we can use to walk, to run, to stand, to bend, to move from place to place easily.

We have a pair of eyes that we can use to see, to observe something, to visualize our imagination, to enjoy the visual beauty of the world

We have wonderful resources within our body.

It can create magic to you and around you .

With smile from your lips, you can brighten and soften anyone mood around you.

With warm ang gentle word, you can give people warmth, courage, and lesson.

With your movement, you can go to work , help the other

it’s just MAGIC itself .

It was magic that we can do a lot of thing and what can we produce in act, word or thought.

it’s applied to our mind too. When i was wondering why i can’t be like him or her . Honestly it’s because we do not do what we have to do . Because if we do what we have to do, we haven’t no time to wondering about those things and keep moving although it is just a  very small .

Magic is created by us, within us so let’s create our own magic ^.^v


Welcome to my blog

In this blog i want to try to write . I just wanna to start writing recently . i have several empty  blog a while ago but because i forgot the password for the account and email so i make a new one.

May this blog beneficial to us all .

I am Indonesian so I’ll prefer write in Bahasa than English hehehe..However, i will try to write in English too to develop my English skill (still low and average level)

Enjoy reading ^.^v